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Chicago Capital Management Advisors, LLC
Wealth Management For Every Stage Of Life

The investment world can change dramatically. Sometimes overnight. Many investors believe that a Mutual Fund provides you with a managed asset platform. It does not. Depending on the type of account you choose our Money Managers are capable of making investment choices and changes as they see fit. Unlike a Mutual Fund, these decisions can be made at anytime, versus having to wait until the following day. These changes will generally occur for each and every client. Not just the “Most Important Client” or the client whom your Advisor “Has Time For” at the moment. This allows you and your account to receive the unique, responsive attention that you deserve. This is an important distinction and we encourage you to ask us to explain in greater detail.

INDEPENDENCE: Our compensation is directly tied to your bottom line. Not to the transaction. This allows us to focus on adding value to our relationship.

GREATER ABILITY TO MANAGE FOR TAXES: Since investors pay only on capital gains actually earned, as well as the ability to plan for tax liabilities & deductions in advance.

GREATER INSIGHT: Our clients understand exactly what they own at all times. No waiting for quarterly statements as is the case with most Mutual Funds.

ACCESSIBILITY: We provide accessibility to Money Managers at a fraction of the minimum investment value of most firms. We offer face-to-face meetings and a dedicated, responsive team of professionals who not only respond to requests, personal input and questions-we encourage it.

GREATER CONFIDENCE: Our ongoing monitoring of your portfolio helps to ensure that we provide the diversification that is required to meet our initial planning goal, or your changing objectives.

COST CONTROL & TRANSPARENCY: Many investors are surprised to learn the true cost and fees associated with their current portfolio. We provide professional management with a high level of cost transparency and control.

Please Take Note- Your ability to question us and understand each of the items above is at the very heart of our “Value Proposition “ to you. These are items that are frequently ignored by investors. We encourage you to question us and understand them fully.

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