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Clients who need current income more than growth require a structured portfolio composed of a "ladder" of income vehicles weighted again by the risk tolerance of the client. From Government Bonds to Corporate Junk Bonds, the yield and risk are weighed and a "ladder" of cascading maturities is put in place to give the client the income and liquidity they require.

Laddering maturities can protects against interest rate risks associated with rising and falling interest rate markets.Can be designed to provide additional liquidity as needed by over-weighting maturities in the future when those funds are needed.Can provide predictable income with lower fluctuation of principal than equities.Government Bonds, when held to maturity, return face value of the Bond or Note.Corporate Debt is less secure due to the credit worthiness of the underlying guarantor - it is important to evaluate your risk profile for investments in other than "investment grade" debt.


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