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We use a "bottoms up" approach. Fundamental screening of companies for positive attributes that we feel are favorable in today's market. Once we have our "list" of premier sectors and companies within those sectors, we balance the portfolios to the risk tolerance profile of each client. From conservative to the most aggressive accounts, we build portfolios individually with the client's goals and risk tolerance in mind.

 A portfolio of stocks that pay dividends and have growth potential in both the equity value and increasing dividends. Portfolios can be customized to each client’s dividend/growth requirements based on their income requirements and growth/risk expectations.

INCOME DIVIDEND: A portfolio of income and dividend paying investments with a goal of generating a yield above that of a laddered portfolio of 1-10 year treasuries, while having the potential for providing long term capital appreciation. Investment may include, bonds, CDs, preferred stocks, common stocks, ETF’s and closed end funds. Portfolios can be customized based on each client’s income requirements and growth/risk expectations.

SECTOR ROTATION: This portfolio seeks to invest in different sectors to capture the trends of each sector not detected by the market. The sectors that have the highest potential to appreciate are chosen and a representative basket of stocks or an Exchange Traded Fund for that sector is purchased. This recognizes that sectors are in different business cycles from other sectors or the market itself. We hope to benefit by taking advantage of these divergent business cycles.

AGGRESSIVE GROWTH: We define aggressive growth as a collection of securities having above average risk/return ratios. A combination of market focus and bottom-up fundamentals will be used in evaluation. The market capital will vary, but will be focused on companies that reinvest most of their cash flow or available cash into the growth of the business.

CCMA INCOME PORTFOLIO: This model represents income type investments only. It may invest in any number of securities whose functions are related to delivering yield. This model is generally used in conjunction with other models as shown above to mitigate some stock market risk.


An Example Of Economic Cycles And Its Effect On Stock Market Sectors:


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