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Portfolios that will stand up over many market cycles need to be balanced to the client's risk tolerance and "rebalanced" on a regular basis as the market, interest rates and business cycles cause portfolios to go "out of balance" with too much weighting in Equities, Bonds, Cash or other particular investments.

 Risk aligned allocation portfolio with complete consideration for client's current tax planning strategies and tax lot accounting for position management. Working closely with client's accountant for the best tax advantage for the client. Advantageous for clients with unusual short/long term capital tax losses or gains.

ASSET ALLOCATION PORTFOLIO: Utilizing modern portfolio management tools to allocate and optimize portfolioTax lot accounting. Actively managed and rebalanced.

CUSTOMIZED PORTFOLIO: A custom portfolio for clients that require special care when merging old portfolios into new strategies, in this case a step by step program is designed to enable that integration.
Consideration of Tax Lot consequences to Portfolio
Distribution of Risk on old non-diversified portfolios
Planned rotation of assets minimizing disruption to portfolio


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